Following Christ – Fall 2019

Our Lady of the Fields

The ChristLife Series helps people discover, follow, and share Jesus Christ.

“Do you want to grow deeper in your love for Christ?  Do you want to rediscover that first spark as the Holy Spirit came rushing into your life and set you on fire for Jesus?  Do you want to again hear His faint, soft, whisper of “I love you” and “Come follow Me” . . .  Would you like to surround yourself with others you can count on to listen to you, walk beside you, and grow deeper in God’s Love with?  If so, please talk with me, about ChristLife.”
-Richard Kane

“I wasn’t one to sit around and talk with strangers about God. ChristLife not only gave me the place to do this in a comfortable and healing way, but drew me into a close relationship with our awesome Christ, bringing me to love telling others about him!”
-Pete Veres

Introducing the 2019 Following Christ course, a seven-week journey of Catholic discipleship. This brand-new edition includes ten inspiring talks by Dave Nodar, Fr. Erik Arnold, and Ally Ascosi on how to live as a Catholic disciple of Jesus Christ in today’s world based on basic disciplines and truths that have been practiced by Christians from the time of the early Church.

Following Christ 2019 starts on both September 26 and September 28, at Our Lady of the Fields. The weekly sessions are on Thursday mornings, 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 pm, and also Saturday afternoons, 2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Take your pick which day of the week you would like to attend; the Saturday sessions are a repeat of the Thursday sessions.

There is no cost, and a light breakfast or a light lunch will be served. The schedule and topics are below.

Sept. 26 or 28:          Introduction and Daily Personal Prayer
Oct. 3 or 5:                Hearing God in Scripture
Oct. 10 or 12:           The Power of the Sacraments
Oct. 17 or 19:            Forgiving One Another
Oct. 24 or 26:            The Spirit-Empowered Life
Oct. 31 or Nov. 2:   We Are At War Retreat
                                            • The World (retreat)
                                            • The Flesh (retreat)
                                            • The Devil (retreat)
Nov. 7 or 9:                The Heart of a Disciple
Nov. 14 or 16:            Going On with the Lord

A Typical Session

We begin with a light meal, using the time to welcome guests and foster friendships.

After that comes a time of prayer, including singing a couple of songs, offering time to the Lord.

Next, we watch a video teaching, presenting a core Gospel message in a thought provoking way.

Finally, in small groups, we can freely share what we think and feel about the topic discussed in the teaching.

Don’t Worry

Whether you go to daily Mass or haven’t been in years, whether you have a different faith or no faith at all and are just curious – all are welcome!

If you love to share in groups or would rather just listen, your wishes and your privacy will be respected – no pressure!

Following Christ

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